Chinese Medicine for Osteoporosis

Chinese Medicine for Osteoporosis

CHINESE MEDICINE FOR OSTEOPOROSIS WITH WESTERN MEDICAL EXPLANATION Chinese Medicine for Osteoporosis: “Osteoporosis” is the medical term used to describe reduced bone density and degeneration of bone microstructure. Osteoporosis does not necessarily exhibit specific symptoms but renders the body at a much higher risk of bone fractures due to poor bone structure. Simply put, osteoporosis […]

Bunions: More Information From A Chinese Medicine Perspective

More About Bunions! I have received many e-mails about my bunion blog with questions about how to circumvent the combined procedures I recommend to properly address bunions. Look at it this way. You wouldn’t ask a brain surgeon to eliminate important procedures to save time or cut costs, would you? Temporary pain relief can be […]

Safe Removal of Excessive Ear Wax

Every so often I get asked about the effectiveness of ear candling for the removal of ear wax. Experimentation with various methods has led me to the discovery of a better way to remove ear wax. Based on my personal experiences with ear candles I can say the following: 1.) Learning various stories about the […]

Weight Loss: Part I

I often have people ask me about weight loss. The first thing that seems to disappoint people is following fact: There is no magic pill that provides instant weight loss! Well, doesn’t that just suck? In fact, most of the recommendations I have for weight loss are of a self-help nature which puts the burden […]

Chinese Medicine for Bunions


“Can Asian Bodywork Therapy and Chinese Medicine help my bunions?” I often get asked how Asian Bodywork Therapy and Chinese Medicine can help a condition that surgery has been recommended for. Bunions and hernias are two common examples. Let’s discuss bunions from a Chinese Medicine point of view. Many people struggle to make associations between […]