Wonderful! I have now had 2 treatment sessions and can honestly say I have had a dramatic reduction in pain, stiffness and fatigue throughout my body. I am a busy professional, and thought I would have to live with a painful back, stiff neck and shoulders and a reduced range of motion to my joints […]

Zimei Pan, L.Ac, MS, OMD.

Steven Blackstone has been my choice of bodywork therapists for a long time. I prefer the unique methods he associates with Sacred Healing Tree over many others. I like the flexibility of his techniques and admire his ability to diagnose and treat fluidly at the same time. He can work deeply when necessary without causing […]

Yongxin Fan, L.Ac, MD (China)

I recommend Steven Blackstone as an Asian Bodywork Therapist accomplished in the healing art of Tuina. I have served as Steven’s instructor, clinic supervisor and consultant on some of his cases. Steven displays abundant capability to accurately diagnose and treat not only orthopaedic ailments but, all manner of illnesses. He is enthusiastic and meticulous in […]

Amy Acuff

I highly recommend Steven Blackstone as a therapist for his knowledgeable approach to sports injuries and prevention. I found the advantages of having a highly trained holistic Asian Bodywork therapy over just plain massage to be great. In my preparation and competition in the Olympics I rely on finding root causes of problems, which can […]