acupuncture treatment

What to Expect

Some describe needle-free acupuncture treatment as simply massage, some say it is more like acupressure, some say it’s like Reiki or Medical Qigong. In fact, Doc Blackstone carefully tailors each session to the needs of the individual to safely and effectively achieve the most positive end result.

Treatment Setting

Needle-free acupuncture therapy takes place in a serene environment apart from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The wall colors are soothing and calm the heart. The therapy room is cozy; not cramped. The flooring is cushioned. The lighting is warm and inviting. The gentle background music lulls most people into a peaceful sleep.

acupuncture treatment
acupuncture therapy

Diagnostic Procedure

All diagnostic procedures are non-invasive.  Assessments are made primarily according to traditional Chinese and Japanese diagnostic principles (pulse taking, palpation, tongue examination, historical assessment). Numerous other factors are taken into account as well encompassing every aspect of well-being.

Diagnostic Results/Explanation

Diagnostic results are explained simply in terms of imbalances associated with specific internal organs. The best protocol for alleviating those imbalances is then thoroughly discussed. Some imbalances require manual adjustments (which take place in the therapy room). Others will require herbal therapy; short or long term. Herbal formulas can be taken at home or work to address acute or chronic ailments. Clients are monitored and additional visits recommended according to progress.

acupuncture therapy
key to holistic wellness

Treatment Plan

Each person is unique and reacts differently to sources of stimulation.

Treatments are modified accordingly to achieve the best response to healing stimuli. The body is in a constant state of flux and every treatment is performed with this in mind. The course and length of treatment depend upon a person’s receptiveness to stimuli and the practitioner’s ability to identify and utilize the “key” unique to each individual to unlock the healing potential within.


Needle-free acupuncture  differs from other modalities in that the process of adjusting the body (physically and energetically) into a state of balance is done in a dynamic way. Energy movement is monitored throughout the course of treatment and changes made as the body adapts respectively. Treatment involves lying clothed on a massage table for about 1 hour as the practitioner works. Most clients fall asleep during the course of treatment as the body becomes totally relaxed. It is during this time that energy flows most freely. A seven minute respite immediately following treatment allows the body time to adapt to a renewed level of health.

acupuncture treatment