Support Group: Good Idea or Bad?

Support groups are intended to serve as both a source of comfort and empowerment for individuals facing illness or adversity. Their effectiveness can vary greatly depending on their structure, focus, and the dynamics within the group. In my experience I have discovered  nuanced differences between support groups that foster healthy group support for an illness […]

Inflammation Is Not Spontaneous


Inflammation is a complex biological response triggered by the body’s immune system to combat harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. While inflammation is often associated with negative connotations due to its role in various diseases, it’s important to recognize that inflammation itself is not a spontaneous phenomenon, as doctors suggest, but rather […]

Good Sex Has Health Benefits

good sex

The health benefits of good sex was not a topic in Chinese Medicine school. In fact, it was not discussed much at all except from the  purely functional aspects. By “good sex” I mean intercourse taking place in moderation within a mutually beneficial relationship… whatever the dynamic.  In modern American society sex is often portrayed as […]

Who’s the Best Acupuncturist (or Chinese Medicine Practitioner)?

Image Doc Blackstone best acupuncturist

Defining what makes one acupuncturist or practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine the best involves various factors, including education, experience, skill, empathy, and patient outcomes. In this essay, we will explore these qualities and delve into why they contribute to the excellence of an acupuncturist.  Education and Training An exceptional acupuncturist typically possesses a comprehensive education […]

Fibromyalgia Explained by an Expert in Chinese Medicine

woman with fibromyalgia cringing in pain waiting to be seen by an expert in Chinese Medicine

It’s best to have information from resources you can rely upon when it comes to making decisions about your health. Since this is the most reliable resource you’re likely to encounter, I’m sure many would appreciate having the origins of fibromyalgia explained by an expert in Chinese medicine. But first, let’s examine the perspectives on […]

New Blogs on Facebook

New Blogs on Facebook

All of the new blogs published on my website will now be forwarded to Facebook! Upcoming blog segments explain the true nature of inflammation and the use of the term in the medical field.

Chinese Medicine Virtual Visits

The Chinese Medicine Man

  I am now offering Chinese Medicine virtual visits to clients anywhere in the world! The price is ideal for the valuable health information you will receive via phone call or Zoom video session. Go to

Dissolve Kidney Stones

Dissolve Kidneys Stones

Nothing hurts worse than getting a mini-asteroid stuck where your pee comes out. That can happen in the case of a kidney stone. Kidney stones (also called renal calculi) are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form in the kidneys. The condition is referred to as “nephrolithiasis” or “urolithiasis”. Stones form when urine […]

TCM Sports Medicine:”Ice for an Injury. How Could It Be So?”

TCM Sports Medicine:”Ice for an Injury. How Could It Be So?”

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, TCM Sports Medicine:”Ice for an injury, how could it be so?” ~ Dr. Seuss Now, Dr. Seuss isn’t a sports medicine physician, but if you ever find yourself sitting with an ice pack on an injury, you should be […]

Chinese Medicine for Osteoporosis

Chinese Medicine for Osteoporosis

CHINESE MEDICINE FOR OSTEOPOROSIS WITH WESTERN MEDICAL EXPLANATION Chinese Medicine for Osteoporosis: “Osteoporosis” is the medical term used to describe reduced bone density and degeneration of bone microstructure. Osteoporosis does not necessarily exhibit specific symptoms but renders the body at a much higher risk of bone fractures due to poor bone structure. Simply put, osteoporosis […]